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As a member, you'll get closer to earning exclusive rewards every time you shop! Get special offers, free gifts and access to limited styles. Plus, refer your friends and earn points too! Click the Laner Loyalty Club pop up in the bottom right corner to sign up and start earning.

You'll earn 10 points for every $1 you spend with us!


To welcome you to our Rewards Program, you'll earn 50 points for signing up.

Earn 10 points for every $1 you spend.
Claim $10 and $30 discounts when you reach your milestones. 
Discount Milestones:
1000 points = $10 AUD discount
3000 points = $30 AUD discount

For the first time, you'll be able to claim a Mystery Box thats completely exclusive to Laner Loyalty members! Reach 10,000 points to claim. These bad boys are worth waiting for! When you reach the Mystery Box milestone, email us at hello@laceylane.com.au to claim your Mystery Box!
Mystery Box Milestones:
10,000 points = 1 x Mystery Box

Claim FREE gifts! These free gifts are always changing so keep your peepers peeled!

Spread the LL love and be rewarded! Give your friends $10 OFF. When your friends buy from your invite link, you'll get 1000 points. T&C's apply.
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On a release day, this can make or break your chance of checking out. Log into your account before release so your shipping info is saved which means faster checkout!

Manage your contact details and view your full order history. At Lacey Lane, we believe in your privacy and will not share, sell or trade your personal information.

 Terms and conditions apply. Minimum spend applies to any reward discounts. Cart value must equal or exceed $50 excluding shipping costs.
Rewards are not in conjunction with any other offer.
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