September 22, 2021 3 min read

Spring is undeniably the favourite time of year here in The Lane & Co office! The flowers are blooming all around us, the temperature is the perfect balance of warm and cool, the birds are singing — it is just genuinely perfect. But for us, the best part of spring is being able to pull all of those gorgeous floral dresses out of the wardrobe and rock them every single day. Who’s with us?! 

It’s all about the florals. It’s all about the colours. So today, we’re breaking down our four essential Spring dresses for this season of blooms. Check them out below!

  1. Charlotte Meadow Dress
    Our gorgeous Charlotte Dress is a staple piece for every wardrobe, in our opinion. She is undeniable one of the most versatile little girls dresses ever — and easily one that can work for every sing Spring outing! Complete in the most gorgeous purple hue that will have your heart singing, and also a colour-way that is so well matched to the flowers you’re going to be surrounded with all season, you can’t look past her. With cross-back detailing to up the cuteness level, paired with a detailed weave and frilled skirt finish, this 100% cotton beauty is unlike anything else.

    Charlotte is the little girls dress of your dreams! And even though she may not be a floral print for spring, this spot of purple speaks for itself.

  2. Prim Bib Dress
    This beauty is one for all of the dainty floral lovers in the world! The stunningly Spring-appropriate Prim Bib Dress is going to have your heart swooning once you see your little love rocking it. Filled with the most fun colour combination a little girls floral dress can boast, this winner is one-of-a-kind. In a sleeveless style and complete with two side pockets (so your little can keep her prized possessions on her at all times), this button-up back pretty is everything! Purple piping detailing for an extra show-factor moment, she is just the sweetest thing we ever did see.

    And we can’t forget to tell you, Prim Dress is paired perfectly with our Lavender Sweater! With only 3/4 sleeves, this light fabric makes for the perfect underlay companion to Prim — and once you see the pair together, you’ll never want to see them apart.

    Another gorgeous floral girls dress for the Spring time? Check!

  3. Ray Zipper Dress
    With our Ray Zipper Dress, we’re taking a slight detour! This beauty is for all the mamas out there who prefer a more neutral colour-way — and if that’s you, then Ray is for you! Boasting an exclusive Lane & Co fabric (that’s right, you literally cannot get your hands on this print from anyone else!), paired with a scooped back and a ridiculously cute gold-teeth exposed Zipper, she is just love in dress form. And being that she’s more neutral, the accessorising and styling is unmatched. You can literally dress her up however you desire, and in ur eyes, that’s a major win!

    Do you also have a little boy?! Well lucky for you, the Ray Zipper Dress comes with a matching Boys Oldtimer — so you can have your two littles looking like the worlds cutest duo all Spring long.

    Majorly cute floral dress AND majorly cute floral boys shirt? Ray is here to have all your wishes come true.

  4. Ingrid Prairie Dress
    And last, but certainly not least, we’ve come to literal sunshine in a dress — our Ingrid Prairie Dress. She is bright, she is colourful, she is fun and she just screams Spring. Again, boasting a 100% exclusive Lane and Co fabric, you won’t find anything like Ingrid elsewhere. With a button-up back, a ruffle hemline and beautiful pink piping detailing that compliments these vibrant hues, your little one will adore Ingrid. And not to mention, as well as being a stunning floral dress, she is the perfect twirler! We’ve tried and tested her twirl-ability, she we can confidently tell you she checks all the boxes.

Look, Spring is the season for all the fun and bright colours — so please don’t think that you can’t stray from this list of ours… but it is a pretty good list, right? Pull those florals out of the wardrobe, pack away those jumpers and jeans because we’re heading back to the prettiest season of the year!

We would love to hear what you think the best Lacey Lane Spring outfit is! Leave us a comment below and tell us!

Anyway, enjoy the week ahead — and have a beautiful Wednesday!

All our love,
The Lane & Co Team xx

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