From left to right: Bec: Lacey Lane Co-owner, Julie: The sweetest soul you ever did meet. She is the owners wing-woman and knows how to get sh*t done, Nikki: Lacey Lane Co-owner, Justin: The owner of the factory. He’s a go getter, a pleasure to deal with and is always pushing us to eat the extra spicy stuff when we’re visiting, and Ring: Production Co-ordinator. We talk daily and she loves it when we send her photos of our daughters.

Our Manufacturing Standards

Lacey Lane is committed to the safe and ethical manufacture of goods and services. Lacey Lane enforces trading terms to ensure our supply chain is free from all forms of worker exploitation. Those terms include the prohibition of underage labour & bonded labour, requirements to provide safe working environments and to treat and pay workers fairly.

Our terms include rights to require suppliers to provide us with information on their operations and of audit by independent third parties.

If we find any evidence of unethical or non-compliance to minimum standards we take action by ceasing to place future orders with that company until they prove their standards are at required levels. If they fail to prove this, then we cease supply.

To ensure all our products are ethically sourced and manufactured our factories must comply with all of the below statements:

  • Employees must meet the minimum age requirement;

  • Employee working hours and overtime legislation must be complied with;

  • Employee wages must meet the minimum requirement;

  • No Bonded Labour

  • Employees work within a healthy and safe environment;

  • Ethical Business Behaviour is carried out at all times

  • Factories enforce an anti-discrimination policy;

  • Factories adhere to environmental and occupational health and safety standards. 

To delve deeper into the specifics of these requirements, below is some more information about how our leading factory adhere to these requirements through a recent third party audit that was conducted.

Minimum Age Requirements:

There are 70 workers currently working at the factory. The average age of the workers are between 25-50 years old, all of which are employed on a full time basis with all required benefits. Upon employment our factory has established set procedures to ensure prohibition of underage labour including ID verification during the recruitment process. Upon the report there was found to be no underage labour or any history of underage labour within the company.

Working Hours and Overtime Legislation:

The factory has a fair working hour’s system. Normal working hours are: 08:00-12:00, 13:00-17:00. Employees work 8 hours per day, 5 days per week with the option to voluntarily do up to 8 hours overtime on a Saturday and up to 2 hours overtime on weekdays. All overtime hours are calculated at 150% and 200% of their normal wage.

Minimum Wage Requirements:

All the workers employed at the factory are paid above the minimum wage required. They are paid on a monthly basis based upon the hours worked within the previous month. All annual leave, statutory holidays, marriage leave, maternity leave and funeral leave were found to be defined in the employee handbook and were implemented accordingly.

No Bonded Labour:

There is absolutely no bonded labour within the workplace. Workers are not required to pay any deposits or leave their ID cards with management. There are no restrictions for the workers movements and all workers have complete access to drinking water and toilet facilities at all times and are free to leave at the end of their shift. All overtime hours are arranged on a voluntary basis and are paid accordingly.

Health and Safety within the Workplace:

There are both health and safety management procedures and emergency procedures. A manager is appointed in charge of all health and safety issues. Regular health and safety training is provided to employees to ensure workstation safety, machine safety, fire evacuation ect. Escape routes, aisles and emergency exits are fully and simultaneously unblocked and unlocked. In every workshop, medical boxes are equipped and evacuation maps are posted. Exit Signs are properly installed inside the factory building and are well functioning and verified once per month. Fire hydrants, fire alarms and emergency lights were effective during the testing on-site. The factory carries out two fire drills each year. Safeguards are installed on knitting machines. They have an Accident and Injuries reporting procedure, which is followed effectively, and all accidents are required to be recorded and kept as per legal requirements.

 Ethical Business Behaviour:             

 The factory has an Ethical Business Behaviour Procedure where workers who could potentially be involved in corruption are trained. Workers sign an anit-bribery commitment form and take appropriate measures to ensure and demonstrate no corruption, extortion, embezzlement, bribery, falsified information or misrepresentation are anywhere within the supply chain.

 Anti-discrimination Policy:

The factory has training in place for all employees to ensure discrimination is forbidden within the workplace. Any discrimination based on age, gender, race, colour, sexual orientation, ethnicity, disability, pregnancy, religion, political affiliation or marital status is prohibited.

 Environmental Health & Safety Standards:

The factory has an environmental management procedure in place. They have water saving mechanisms installed and hold an environmental impact registration form, which was provided to the auditor on site. Wastewater and noise level monitoring reports were provided and all waste is regularly disposed of by the Environmental Sanitation Department.

Fabric Sourcing

Our fabric is ethically sourced through our leading factory who adheres to meet all requirements. They have specific suppliers of fabric that meet all necessary requirements and produce high quality product.

All of the factories we use comply with the required code of conduct. We have great confidence knowing our factories are a step above others. With regular visits and constant communication we couldn’t have more trust and appreciation for the lovely people that create our designs.