August 25, 2021 3 min read

Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas!

We’re so excited today because we’re gearing up to release our gorgeous 2021 Christmas Range — yippeee! All of those festive outfits you’ve been asking us for are about to land on the website, and trust us, it’s going to be so hard to pick a favourite because they’re all so beautiful! In saying that, this year we’re doing Christmas a little bit different and we’re popping a few new goodies into the mix. So many new goodies that we’re not even sure where to begin this post! But, let’s give it a shot.

First and foremost, this Christmas we’re GOING UP TO SIZE 10! Yes, you read that right, for the first time ever you’re going to be able to get your hands on Size 9 and 10 Lacey Lane designs — how incredible is that?! We’ve seen the community asking for some bigger sizes for a while now, and we figured what better time to implement this than for Christmas?! So, consider it a gift from us to you - size 9 and 10 for your gorgeous Christmas dresses.

And if some bigger sizes being released isn't enough to get you excited, this Christmas we’re releasing EVERYTHING as a pre-order! Hooray! How exciting! It’s the jolliest season of the year and we want to do everything in our power to make sure you can cart all of the seasonal goodies you want, without the stress of a sell-out. So yes, all of our Christmas dresses, oldtimers, accessories and mystery boxes will be available for pre-order come release! But with that being said, pre-orders will only be available while fabric lasts. Once the fabric runs out, we won’t be able to continue making these pieces as we’ll have nothing to make it with! So even though it is a pre-order, we still recommend being on the website at 10am like usual, to ensure you definitely won’t miss out! Whew, now that’s been clarified, let’s get onto the releases!

The first piece of our Christmas drop is everybody’s favourite, Teddy! That’s right, Teddy is making a return for the holiday season and we’re over the moon about it. We saw how much you all LOVED this beauty, so we figured why not give her another chance to shine. This time around, Teddy will be releasing as a stunning Whimsy Dress that is made for all of those twirling dreams. Not only that, Teddy will be making an appearance for the first time as an Oldtimer too — hooray! So this Christmas, you can have the perfect matching moment with Teddy. That’s what dreams are made of, right? Like usual, you’ll have the chance to get your hands on some Teddy accessories to complete the look. And it’s a pre-order?! It really is a Christmas miracle.

Lacey Lane Teddy Whimsy Dress Little Girls Dresses

So Teddy you’ll see and know, but accompanying her will be TWO brand new Mystery Boxes. That’s right, two gorgeous new surprises waiting for you to open on Christmas Day. Available for both the gals and the guys, these two new MBs are ones you don’t want to miss out on, trust us. We’re obsessed! But in the Christmas spirit, to try and help you figure out just what we have going on within these two, check out the riddles below:

Roses are Red and Christmas is too,
The Yuletide is coming with a surprise just for you.
Pretty and timeless and perfect for play,
A special surprise for your Christmas Day.

Christmas is coming and we have something for you,
She is subtle but striking, in an emerald hue.
With pockets for trinkets and pleats 1 2 3,
A special surprise under your Christmas tree.

You know we’re good at keeping a secret, so there’s no chance you’ll be getting more information about these pretties out of us. But, you can always try! We do love Tortinas haha!

Lacey Lane Mystery Box Dress Christmas Little Girls Dresses

We’re so excited to be getting the Christmas season going — and we cannot wait to see all of these new pretties on your little ones.

Pre-orders for the new Christmas range will begin August 26, 2021 at 10am AEST. You can click here to be redirected to find all of the goodies. Once your pre-order is confirmed, you can expect your parcel to be shipped out roughly around mid-November, so you’ll have it in plenty of time for Christmas. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out or ask us! Or, if you need any help with sizing, we’re always here.

Here’s to the merriest season of the year! We’ll see you tomorrow for release!

All of our love,
Team Lane & Co xx

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