January 27, 2019 1 min read

We always want our customers to get the most use out of everything. We’ve always considered our selves pretty thrifty, finding ways to get use out of pretty much everything...

So coming up with a more sustainable way of packaging that can be re-used for so many purposes seemed fitting for our personalities. We've always been pretty thrifty gals, so once we discovered one way to reuse the packaging, a bunch of ideas came flooding through and we wanted to show you a few of our fave ways to do more with a lil piece of fabric.

1. Dress up any hairstyle by wrapping the square around the hair tie.

2. Keep your fruit safe from rolling around your bag by wrapping it in a nice secure parcel to minimise plastic use.

3. Oh-so-vintage! We all love a little necktie to spruce up any outfit. Simply fold the square into a triangle and roll it up nicely and wrap around the neck. 

4. Need a bib for your bub? Easily turn your fabric packaging into an adorable bandana bib, practical, fashionable & sustainable. It's a win-win!  Just fold your fabric into a triangle and tie it loosely around their neck.

5. The trusty headscarf, you can never go wrong. Fold it up and tie around the head for the perfect accessory.

It's so easy to create something cool and practical out of a little square of fabric you might have thrown away. 

The possibilities are endless. We'd love to see what you can create with your fabric packaging. Be sure to hashtag #LLreuse #MBJreuse

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