October 12, 2021 4 min read

Can you believe Halloween is just a few short weeks away?! How are we already nearing the end of October?! 

We’re taking the hassle out of your Halloween outfits this year, compiling a list of our favourite (and super easy!) costumes you can create using your Lacey Lane collection! From fairies to pirates and bees, we’ve got it all covered for you this year.

Take a look at some of our suggestions for this year below! We think you’ll love them hehe!

  1. Flower Fairy
    This one is super simple, and we’re taking our inspiration from a gorgeous flower fairy! If you don’t know what a flower fairy is, you’ll have to go to google right now and take a looksie because they are magical little creatures. But, this is costume is one that’s super easy to put together for Halloween.

    First of all, you need to pull your Charlotte Meadow Dress out of the wardrobe. This type of purple was super commonly wore by these fairies, so the match is perfect! Pop her on, then add a gorgeous little flower grown to your babes hair — and be sure it’s either tied in a loose braid or just naturally flowing. Paint those nails her favourite colour ever and pop on a set of Butterfly Wings! And to complete the look, buckle up those Lacey Lane Sandals (probably gold for this look) — and wallah, you’re done! The cutest flower fairy in the neighbourhood has landed right in front of you.

  2. The Pirate Queen
    This costume is one of my personal faves and one that I used to do on the girls way back when — and best of all, so dang easy! The most important piece you need here is your Jimmy Tee (or Jimmy Romper), because we all know pirates and stripes go hand-in-hand. Pop that one on and pair it with some plain back tights or some black jeans, either will work! Pull out a skin safe marker (which you can get from a local craft store!) and add some scar detailing to your little one, then put an eye patch over the top! Bonus: Add in a plastic sword and a pirate hat (both also available at your local craft store) and the outfit is complete. Argh matey, you’ve got the private queen in your presence.

  3. A cute little buzzing Bee
    This outfit is for the little babes in your world — the ones still rocking under a S2 — and like the above, it’s so easy! Here’s what you need: the Midnight Romper, Honey Bummers, Ayla Headwrap, Black Round Sunnies & a skin-safe marker. That’s all you need! Pop the Romper on and the Bummers over the top, there’s your Bee body done! Tie the Ayla Headwrap, creating a gorgeous bow that doubles as your Bumble Bee antennas — but so much cuter! Get your skin-safe marker and add a cute little button nose onto your little babes (and maybe some extra little freckles for optimal bee-ness). And to complete it, pop those Black Sunnies on to create the full effect of a Bumble Bee.

    Bonus: Get some cute little fly wings from a local costume / craft store and pop those one, so your little Bumble Bee can buzz-buzz-buzz all night long!

  4. 70s Dancing Queen
    This ones for all the groovy girls in our life, ready to dance the night away! We’re going to be bright, colourful and full of fun! Start with your Aurora Jeans, pop those bright beauties on to begin the look and get the vibes going strong. As for a top, you have options — you could either go with everyones favourite Groovy Tee or Be The Good, because both are going to work incredibly well! But, if you want to go more plain colours, check out our Ribbed Tee selection because these are also perfect colours for this look!

    Now, you gotta accessorise it! Pop on your favourite Flower Sunnies, but be sure they are floral because that extra shape is going to be all the grooviness we want. Add some Scrunchies too ponytail, the more the merrier! Or wear the hair out and complete it with a gorgeous Head Wrap! Extra points if you pop a pair of Suspenders over the top too, because what screams 70s like a groovy pair of suspenders?! Nothing! For shoes, we’re recommending some type of Converse look. Be that low top or high top, both are going to elevate the grooviness of your dancing queen!

    Pop all of these layers together and pow, your Dancing Queen has arrived!

  5. Safari Expert Explorer
    Last but not least, we have a very cute Safari Explorer ready to lead the pack for Halloween!

    This one is so easy, you just hair to pair your Nellie Blouse with the Bounty Tuckers for the majority of this outfit. Together, these are going to work wonders to create the safari illusion! Grab a Hazelnut Belt and pop that on, and be sure your Nellie Blouse is tucked in underneath to elevate the look. Be sure you get your hands on some Tootsies too, preferably the brown or khaki, and then pop a pair of boots on. All of these together = the cutest little explorer you’ll ever see! Extra points if you have some glasses to wear + a clipboard with all your expedition notes!
These are just a few super cute ideas you can use this Halloween, which incorporates all of your favourite Lacey Lane pieces! Simple, easy and sure to have your little babe looking sweeter than sugar!

We would love to see all of your Halloween outfits, so be sure you tag us in all of your posts this year. We’re so excited!

That’s all for now, but if you have any ideas for outfits that you think we should share, send us a message! We’re always here to chat!

Until next time, stay well & talk soon!

All our love,
The Lane & Co Team xxx

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