June 30, 2021 3 min read

Hello everyone!

Happy Tuesday! How has everyone been since we last spoke? It’s been a hot minute we feel — between our EOFY Sale launch and packing millions (that might be a bit dramatic) of orders over the last few days, it seems like we haven’t caught up… so please tell us everything!

How was your weekend just gone? Is Winter treating you nicely? Are you enjoying rugging up in those warmers or do you miss being by the water? Have you gone into another round of isolation like us? Are you enjoying it? How are the school holidays going and what do you have planned? Shoot us a DM or send us an email and let’s chat!

Catching aside, I bet you’re all super stoked for a new release coming your way tomorrow! It’s been a whole fortnight with nothing new… can you believe that? Where has all that time gone? Regardless, we are over the moon to be releasing our brand new Cody Whimsy Dress & Oldtimer!

Cody is a beauty we’ve had up our sleeves for a while now (truly, we’ve really kept her on the down low for a hot minute!) and one that we just couldn’t hold onto any longer! She truthfully might be one of our favourite releases in a long time, which explains why we’re so excited to be releasing her into your worlds. 

For us, Cody is a perfect pop of sunshine for all year round. She’s reminiscent of sunset afternoons, where the gorgeous orange-burnt sky overtakes your view. She’s for adventuring in nature and discovering new, beautiful locations that you’ve never noticed before. She feels like running through a field of flowers and having that overpowering moment of bliss, mixed with unparalleled happiness. She is the moment and she will be the moment for much time to come.

For the girls, she’s a gorgeous Whimsy Dress — and one that we know will have your heart beating faster than ever before. The outfit combinations? Endless, courtesy of such a stellar colour palette print. Pop some tights underneath and a skivvy on top (or maybe even your favourite tonal jumper) to complete your Winter Warming vibes. Alternatively, throw some tootsies on and the grooviest pair of sandals you own for a free-spirited Summer look. That’s not at all — accessories and scrunchies will be yours too… so you can complete the full, rounded look of course. 

For our little guys, go the full classy mile or keep it as casual as you want. Pair Cody with your favourite Daks (we recommend the Saul Daks because *chefs kiss*) and button him all the way to the collar for the smartest, most handsome look you’ll find this winter. Or, if you’re leaning to more of a park afternoon, pop our Sand Button Tee on and throw Cody over the top with an open finish for something a little more casual. Either or and your little guy will be good to go.

We all love a matchy match moment, and Cody is the newest answer to that. Smart, sophisticated and so gosh dang cute, you do not want to miss this beauty — we don’t think she’ll last very long! If you can’t take our word for her, check her out below.

The Lane & Co Cody Oldtimer

Cody is releasing at 10am AEST, Thursday July 1 — tomorrow! Set those alarms ladies and gentlemen, because you do not want to miss Cody.

Stay well everyone, and keep save during this Isolation period. Please know that we’re sending you all of our love and light. We’re here if you need us!

Talk soon!

Team L&C xx

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