August 03, 2021 5 min read

Hello everyone! 

Happy Tuesday! How are you? How’s your morning been? What’ve you been up to?

Can you believe that we’ve hit August already?! It seems like just yesterday this year was starting, and now we’re already in August — it’s bonkers. But hey, at least we’re having fun along the way :-)

We thought it’d be fun to jump on and write a little-diddy about July. The fun things we did, the moments that had us giggling, some fails from LL HQ and of course, some insight that might get you a little excited! So, ladies and gentlemen, here is the month that was — July edition!


Let’s start with all of the releases from July! We release four new beauties (well, technically five) in the past month: Teddy Zipper Dress, Ray Dress (& her matching Oldtimer brother!), the April Dress pre-order and finally, Frances & Gabby Hopscotches from our recent Mystery Box drop! I tell you what, we were definitely doing something right with our releases in July because you all adored these beauties! So much so, that Teddy (for example) was completely sold out by 10:02am — and was only released at 10:00am. It was bonkers yet so much fun, and we couldn’t be more pleased that you all loved last month’s beauties as much as we did making them! …stay tuned for August though because wow!

And as you know, every release brings a giveaway — which means we had some winners, yippee! The gorgeous Krystal Brown was the lucky winner of everyone’s favourite Teddy Zipper Dress. The incredible Melissa Thomason (a brand new Lacey Lane customer — welcome to the family!!) won the gorgeous April Dress. And last but not least, beauty Sophie Millar was lucky enough to score the Ray Dress giveaway and we couldn’t have been more happy for her! If you want a chance to win a weekly release, stay very focused on our socials because you’ll find some sort of giveaway there once a week!

Aside from our weekly releases, we also did TWO mini drops to keep the fun times rolling. At the start of the month, we did a tiny restock of our Mama & Mini matching jumpers, and kudos to everyone who got their hands on this drop because the website was packed! And just last week, we did our first Spares-ies release of the year… and it was pure chaos! So many favourites gone within just a few seconds of landing. But you know, that’s part of the spares-ies fun, so congratulations to everyone who managed to get their hands on one of the beauties!


Rightly so, the biggest fail (but also funny!) of July was our little website malfunction! The day of the April Dress release, for whatever reason, the website decided to play a few tricks on us literally TEN MINUTES before the products went life… which as you can imagine was incredibly stressful. We had every single person in the office on their laptops trying to resolve the situation, and thankfully come 10am, release went off without any issues. But I tell you what, if you could’ve seen us all that morning you would’ve been in awe of the determination to fix it!

And from us all in LL HQ, a major shout out to the incredible Kristy Dawson who came in and brought us so many doughnuts to try and cheer us up post malfunction. 


Most notably, we launched our Reel Challenge which was so much fun! Watching all of the incredible videos you were making and seeing all the creativity come flourishing out (& all of the incredible outfits / pieces you’ve got — wow) was so special. Thank you to every single person who participated and got an entry in, we watched every single one and you made our week!

Probably the most exciting news is that we started to plan / create our upcoming Summer Collection — which you may have seen some #sneakysnoos of during videos over the past month. We’re not going to delve into it or give you more information, you’ll just have to be patient and wait hehe — but trust us, it’s all in full swing and you will love it! Stay tuned for more info SOON.

We had two birthday’s in LL HQ, which meant lots of cake and yummy sweet treats. We had Trace, our Warehouse Manager, celebrating her birthday last Tuesday! And we also had Ruby, Bec’s youngest, celebrating her 11th birthday earlier in the month!

One super funny thing that happened was Becca getting onto the radio! She was so determined to get onto the Nova airwaves because she was certain she new the answer to Susie O’Neills 25K question — and to all of our surprise, she got on air! Mind you, there were over 200+ calls made to Nova in a 20 minute space, but she did it — and the footage was incredible (you can see it on our Lane & Co instagram page!). Unfortunately, the answer she had was wrong… but it was still so gosh dang brilliant watching that adventure unfold. 

We also featured in the new Queensland Tourism campaign! You can spot out clothes being worn by some of the gorgeous children in the advert and truly, it made us so happy! What an awesome thing to see for a Brisbane-based company like ours. If you’re ever in Brisbane and travelling over the story-bridge, you might be lucky enough to spot some of our goodies on a massive billboard as you’re driving over. Next time we see it, we’ll try to get a snap!

The launch of our weekly ‘The Week That Was’ videos happened, and what a success it’s been! For us, it’s been an incredible joy to show some more behind-the-scenes footage of our HQ. But you all seem to absolutely adore seeing the shenanigans we get up to as well… or maybe you just like finding all the hidden sneakies in each video! I guess we’ll never know!

We also want to give a major shout out to Kristy Britton who spent her month raising funds for Children’s Cancer Research, in support of our dear Betty. Through the PJ Bear initiative, Kristy raised over $500 towards The Kids Cancer Project and has donated more than 23 bears. We couldn’t be more proud to see something so beautiful happening in the community, and we cannot wait to see more things like this to come.

Much like the beginning of July, we ended it in lockdown too — and to all of our lovely community in lockdown with us, we’re here with you. Stay strong, solider on and if you want to chat, just reach out. We’re always here for a talk!

It’s been a big month, but the end of the year is only going to get bigger! Thank you for all of the support and the love, we couldn’t be more appreciative for everything.

Here’s to all we did, and here’s to everything that’s coming.

All of our love,
Team LL xxxx

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