December 19, 2021 2 min read

Happy Sunday everybody! Not a long one today, but an important one for us. 

2021 has been an amazing year, filled with ups and down and lefts and rights… that’s a saying right?! Haha! Regardless, it’s been a major year for everyone to say the least. For us personally, one of the things that has made it so much more incredible is seeing all of your little guys and gals rocking the Lane & Co range. I don’t think we’ll ever get sick of seeing / hearing how much you love these goodies of our, and we’ll never ever get sick of seeing them rocked by your littles.

It’s warmed our hearts every single day, regardless of what else has been going on in the world. So today, we thought we’d have a little Laner Spotlight to show some of the amazing styles we saw this year. 

A few weeks back in our VIP group, we asked what your favourite outfit was of the year and we were inundated with responses that made us smile from ear to ear. So today, we thought we would share some of these incredible snaps so that you can experience the same joy that we did. So, without further ado…


These are only a few of the photos we were sent! We want to share all of the ones we received, but unfortunately that would be waaaaay too many photos for our website haha. But, how cute right?!?! You can really see why we love doing this so much! All those cute smiles and laughs, just everything.

You have made our entire year so incredible and we cannot thank you enough! This entire community is the absolute greatest. Truly! We promise to make your 2022 just as amazing! 

Until next time, 
The Lane & Co team xx

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