March 25, 2021 2 min read

In case you weren’t aware, tomorrow (March 26) is Purple Day — a global initiative dedicated to raising awareness for epilepsy. Founded in 2008 by nine-year-old Cassidy Megan in an attempt to get the surrounding community talking about the condition that affects so many, young Cassidy wanted to let all those individuals impacted by seizures know that they are not alone. That she is with them and stands with them always. And why purple you my wonder? Because lavender is the internationally recognised colour for epilepsy.

Since it’s launch back in 2008, Purple Day has grown into a nationally supported awareness day with the number of participants across Australia growing each year. From community events, through to school fundraisers and corporate sector initiatives, Purple Day is one for the books.

As we mentioned, tomorrow (Friday, March 26) is Purple Day and we want to help you get involved with this incredible initiative. We’re going to take you on a quick deep dive through three of our staple LL pieces that your Little Laner can wear tomorrow to show their support for Purple Day! So, let’s begin:

  1. Be The Good Tee
    I mean, has there ever been a Tee so fitting for such an occasion? Not only does this staple come in our LL signature purple hue, but it quite literally encourages people to make change around them. Designed with the text ‘Be The Good In The World’ on the front, this essential tee is the perfect purple number to get your Laner on board and showing their support with Purple Day tomorrow.

  2. Isabelle Pinny Set
    If your little love isn’t a major fan of the tee there’s no need to worry, because our Isabelle Pinny Set is the perfect choice for you. Complete with a gorgeous LL floral design that is filled with swirls of purples, pinks and blues — we can’t think of a more fitting piece to raise awareness for Purple Day. And we can’t forget to mention, this designed this one specifically to ensure a perfect twirl. (Please note Pinny Set is suited to the Laner babies!)

  3. Charlotte Meadow Dress
    Designed in a side of purple that will melt your heart, our Charlotte Meadow is a sure winner for your Purple Day event. Complete head to toe in a stunning purple-hue, this 100% cotton dress is definitely going to get the community talking. Not to mention, the cross back detailing makes for this dress to be perfectly suited to any occasion moving forward.

We’re leaving it at three (because we don’t want to bombard you), but these three staple Lacey Lane pieces are perfect for helping you raise awareness this Purple Day. Please check with your school to see how they are getting involved with Purple Day this year and then jump on board and help raise that awareness! We’re counting on your Laner.

Send us photos or tag us in the pictures of your little love tomorrow! We’ll be responding all day long.

All of our love,
Team Lacey Lane!

(Find out more about Purple Day and other ways you can participate by clicking here)

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