December 31, 2021 4 min read

How are we on the last day of 2021 already?!!?! Seriously?! I feel like this year just started… but it’s the last day? We honestly cannot believe it. But, despite our disbelief that we’re about to move into another year, we thought we’d do a little round up of the year and touch on all of our favourite moments.. because who doesn’t love a little nostalgic moment? 

  1. All of our brand new collections
    It’s really been the year of releases, hasn’t it?! Our Tomorrow collection, Johnny & The Sea, Kissed By The Sun, Swimwear, Christmas drops — so many new pretties that we’re still obsessed with. It’s been a mammoth doing, but we’ve loved every single minute. I think this may have been one of our favourite year for release?! What do you think?
  2. Lacey Lane swimwear, finallllly!
    This might be our fave LL moment of the year, the first drop of our Lacey Lane swimwear rage. This is something we’ve been dreaming of for what seems like years and that we’ve been working on for countless months, so having all these goodies released into the world now is magical. We’re so chuffed with how much you all loved these pretties, truly it made us so happy. Maybe… we might even drop some more next year hehe

  3. The introduction of S8-10… and maybe more?
    A major moment, S8 - 10s becoming available! We’ve always wanted to do bigger girls sizes and this year just seemed like the right time. And you all loved it which made the addition even better! You loved it so much so that… we might have to do some more bigger girl sizes in 2022. Maybe a mini drop? A single drop? A few? Who knows what we’ve got planned, but keep your eyes peeled.

  4. T & Ruby graduating from primary school
    You all know this just happened in our world, but the girls just graduated from primary school and our hearts still aren’t over it. Those little babies that used to model every single LL release are now going off to high school, isn’t that insane?! We’re so proud of our girls and cannot wait to see all the even more amazing things they accomplish in high school. Don’t you even worry, we’ll keep you updated on all their new adventures!

  5. Zaccy coming on board and joining the team
    We couldn’t forget to mention our new right-hand man! This year Zaccy joined our team and has helped us with everything from collection launches to product releases, customer service, content creation and everything in between. A real jack-of-all trades if you will. We’re so glad our paths crossed with Zaccy and he’s a part of the LC family now!
  6. Mia qualifying for world championships in Acro
    Our little Mia qualified for the world championships in her Acro adventures this year and we couldn’t be more proud. You all know / see how hard she works with her Acro and seeing her achieve something like this has been amazing! Also, she launched her Honey Krone business — which you’re all loving — so really, she had a stellar 2021 haha!

  7. Oso back to its regular scheduled program
    Our regular Chasing Oso releases are back, baby! It’s taking us a minute to get it back to where we want, but we’re so happy that we have some new Oso goodies landing every fortnight now. And personally, I feel like these new Oso releases are some of our favourite designs ever. We’re so thrilled the entire community is loving them as much as we are. But with that said, stay tuned for 2022 because there is so much still to come hehe.

  8. Emmi-Belle finished first year of special school
    Our lovely lady Emmi-Belle finished her first year in special school! Earlier this year we let you all know that we were making the switch for miss EB and now she’s finishing her first year, where has the time gone?! But the best thing — the little superstar is starting to string together sentences and verbalise to me each day and its just incredible!!! Truly, so so amazing. We will have to show you sometime!
  9. So many new faces in the community
    We saw a fair amount of new Lacey Lane faces this year… maybe even some super popular TV presenters joining our community *cough* Carrie Bickmore *cough*. Was that a humble brag? I’m not sure haha. But celebrities aside, we’ve had so many incredible new mummas and daddas join our world and we are over the moon. So if you haven’t heard it before, welcome to the world of The Lane & Co — we are so happy to have you here with us.

  10. Seeing all of your lovely kiddos rocking our new goodies
    This is undoubtedly one of our favourite parts of every single year, but seeing your little kiddos rocking our new releases is always 10/10 amazing. From all the smiles, the giggles, the cheeky grins, the pouty faces… it all makes us so incredibly happy. We’ll say it now and every year forward, this is what makes it all worth it so thank you for always sharing your beautiful moments with us. We appreciate it so much more than you’ll ever know.

This year, despite everything going on in the world, has been amazing. We have loved every single minute of it and all that we’ve been able to achieve.

Thank you for spending so much time with us and showing all of the love that you have, it never goes unnoticed.

Here’s to an amazing year we’ve spent together — and here’s to an even more amazing 2022 coming your way. Trust us, we’ve got big things in store for you.

All of our love,
Bec & Nik xxx

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