March 11, 2021 3 min read

No matter where you’re based or what you call it: Autumn/Fall is one of the most stunning times of year. The orange leaves begin to fall and cover the parks. The air starts to cool while the sun continues to beam around you. The sunsets become unlike anything else you’ve ever seen at 5pm on Wednesday afternoon. Every single thing about this time of year is just magical. But we’re going to say it, as magical as Autumn/Fall looks, this time of year is one of the most difficult to dress for. If it unexpectedly starts to rain, could hat fit that? Will it still be too hot for a hat? How will a hat even look with what you’re wearing. Essentially, Autumn is here to put your fashion ability to the test. But not to worry, because today the Lane & Co Team are taking you through your quintessential Autumn pieces!

For the Little Laner’s:

  1. A staple Prairie Dress
    There’s nothing more ideal for the Autumn time than one of our gorgeous Prairie Dresses! The perfect piece for layering up during the cooler days while still being completely manageable for the warmer times. Designed right here in our Brisbane HQ, the must-have Prairie is the perfect twirlable number to help your little love get through the Autumn time.

    Staple Prairie: Ingrid & Rudy

  2. A must-have Headwrap
    With four different options available, our Headwraps are a key player to get through the Autumn time. Not only are these beauties a perfect layering addition, helping to keep your little ones warm and rugged up on the colder days. Our Headwraps are also completely functional, working to help keep those gorgeous hair-dos in place during the windy days! A stylish, functional Autumn warmer — it’s a yes from us!

    Staple Headwraps: AylaMiller & Tiffany

  3. An eye-catching Sweater
    Autumn isn’t cold enough all season long to be rugged up head-to-toe, but we all know we’re going to get our fair share of cold fronts. The perfect way to combat this is with one of our best-selling Lacey Lane Sweaters. Made from light & stretchy knit fabric, these brightly-hued numbers are going to have your Laner catching all eyes. And like everything else we’ve mentioned, with 3/4 sleeves she is the perfect piece for layering under a dress or with your favourite skirt/short.

    Staple Sweaters: Alley & Sunshine

For the cool guys in our life:

  1. A classic Oldtimer
    Our Oldtimer collection is jam-packed with the perfect pieces to keep your little guy going this Autumn time. Detailed with the perfect button-up front, these Oldtimer’s can be easily dressed up or worn more casually over your favourite MBJ staple tee. Dare we say it, the perfect layering piece this Autumn time? We think so!

    Staple Oldtimers: Elliott & Bailey

  2. An essential Jumper
    As we mentioned, it’s impossible to gauge the temperature of an Autumn day — some are incredibly humid, while others a filled with a crisp cool breeze. But one piece you can incorporate to combat all of these ranging temperatures is our Jumper range. Designed with an oversized and slouch style that allows for ease of wear, this staple is the perfect casual look for Autumn. Dress up, dress down? The choices are endless!

    Staple Jumpers: Tuscan

Autumn is unpredictable! It’s cold one minute, warm the next. Raining all week, then gorgeous sun-filled days follow for a fortnight. Truthfully, you just never really know what you’re going to get with this time of year. But, if you follow our simple advice you won’t need to worry whatsoever.

We hope that our little staple breakdown has helped show you just what your beauties are needing to make it through Autumn with ease. But, if you need any advice or questions answered on the perfect Autumn essentials — please reach out to us via socials. We’re always happy to answer your questions and find the perfect pieces for you.

Keep your eyes peeled for some sneaky Autumn styling tips coming up on our socials too! Our brilliant Bec & Nikki will be showing you all the ways you can perfect your Autumn looks over the coming weeks. 

Until next time,
The Lane & Co Team x

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