November 16, 2021 2 min read

We are so excited to be here today to announce our brand new collection, Johnny & The Sea. 

This collection is one that we have been working on for what seems like years now (realistically, it’s not been that long haha!) and we are so excited to be putting it into the world. Truthfully, this might be our favourite My Brother John collection ever! We’re just so dang proud of it. 

From the moment the sun peaks out of the endless ocean horizon to the beaming warmth of the sunset at the end of the day, this new collection is inspired by those who wake up ready for an adventure. Those who sleep heavy after a day filled with wonder and excitement. Those people who are ready to do it all over again, every day, as the sun begins to rise another day. 

Reminiscent of our own childhood and the memories we made foraging through nature, discovering countless bits of treasure and playing make-believe games that we lost ourselves in day after day. We hope that these brand new pieces from our Johnny & The Sea collection become a part of your own little adventurers priceless childhood memories. 

The new collection holds 16 brand new My Brother John products that we just know you’re going to love. Filled with colours, tones and textures to inspire imagination and wonder, we have designed a collection that we hope will spark those childhood ideas only those young, innocent minds can create. This collection boasts comfortable and stylish clothing that make our children feel confident and ready to take on the world. 

We cannot wait for you all to get your hands on this new collection. We just know you’re going to adore it as much as we do. So for all of the pirates and foragers out there, all of the adventurers and creators, we hope you love this collection as much as we’ve love creating it.

Check out some of the new goodies below and let us know what you think -- click here to see the entire range on the website.

All of our love,
Bec & Nik xx

Hendrix Oldtimer - My Brother John - Cute Little Boys Shirts
Johnny Tee & Romper - My Brother John - Cute Little Boys Shirts
Hewitt Oldtimer - My Brother John - Cute Little Boys Shirts
Oasis Romper - My Brother John - Cute Little Boys Rompers
Timmy Stomper - My Brother John - Cute Boys Rompers Australia
The brand new collection, Johnny & The Sea, is landing Wednesday (November 17) at 8pm AEST.
Check out the Look Book here:

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