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Who’s been loving all of our new Chasing Oso releases from the past few weeks?! It’s been so much fun being able to drop all of these new training sets into the world, especially after working on them all for what feels like years! But, brand new sets aside, we’ve got more fun things going on at Chasing Oso — and that is what I’m here to talk to you about. 

This month (November, 2021), we’ve launched our brand new Club of The Month program! This new program is dedicated to shedding spotlight on some amazing sporting clubs around the country, bringing their talent and achievements to the Oso community. And for all the clubs reading this, there is more that we can do for you! Club of The Month is further dedicated to helping raise funds for your training environment, to help get the best for you little athletes. Each club has their own goals and needs, we totally get that, so we’re going to work closely with each of our selected Club of The Months to help make these goals a living reality! 

November is the inaugural month for Club of The Month, and this months selected team is… Brisbane City Gymnastics Club! Also known as BCGC, this club aims to inspire each individual gymnast to reach their individual potential - in a positive, encouraging & family friendly environment. Located in Brendale, Brisbane QLD, BCGC nurtures talented athletes in disciples such as gymnastics, acrobatic gymnastics, tumbling, free g and more! Aside from teaching just the technical skills, BCGC places an emphasis on teaching their athletes important life lessons along the way. Discipline, dedication, determination, respect, consistency and the list goes on.

We are so excited to be linking up with BCGC for the month of November, and we cannot wait to show you all of the amazing things they get up to along the way. Be sure you stay tuned into our socials to see all the fun!

Click here for the BCGC Instagram

Click here to go to the BCGC Facebook

Click here to find the BCGC website here


Did you want to nominate your club to be our December Club of The Month?! Send us a message on either Facebook or Instagram and let us know where you’re training! We’d love to work with you! X

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November 12, 2021

Hi 👋 My name is Paula and I love your active wear😍 It’s so cute and I bet it’s really comfy. I would love to be a December team member

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