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Happy Friday, everybody!

We love it when our Lacey Laners take cute pics and share them on IG for us to see. We saw this photo and thought... That right there, is exactly how we designed the clothes to be worn. Shout out to @lucas_and_zahli for sharing this adorable photo with us & inspiring this post. 

Over the years Lacey Lane has become a signature style within the children fashion community.

Eleven years ago, sister duo Nik & Bec started making vintage inspired girls clothing for their babies out of the spare room. Today, Lacey Lane is recognised globally by fashion loving Mamas across the world as an iconic style to obtain.

Here we will be highlighting the styling tips that really sing true to the look that is Lacey Lane...

Let's go!

  1. The big bow head wrap!
    Our headwraps are a recently new addition to the LL accessories collective. The idea was born from the need for an even bigger bow! So that's what we did with the head wrap.
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  2. Oversized sunnies!
    This has always been an LL necessity.
    In the beginning Nik & Bec would use their own womens sunglasses on the girls for that big oversized look. Today we offer a range of fabulous sunglasses that have become a massive trend.
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  3. Short short short!
    This is all part of the 'vintage inspired' piece to LL. The reason it’s so cute is because its so short! The length really brings those iconic vintage vibes Lacey Lane is known for. If your girl is in bigger sizes, style a pair of puckers under her favourite dress so she can flip, twirl and handstand all over the place and always feel covered. Then you don’t have to worry about the dress being too short either.
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  4. Strappy sandals or high top boots!
    A few brands we love are Salt Water Sandals & Blundstone.
    Kmart & Cotton On kids usually have a good range of similar styles that are cheap & easy to source.

Now you know how to style your Lacey Lane. Make sure you’re a member of our V.I.P Facebook community (Click here to join) so you can share your photos with thousands of like minded mamas who are waiting to welcome you with open arms.

If you’re more on Instagram, take a photo & post it up tagging us @laceylaneinsta and hashtag #LaceyLaner.

Until next time, 
The Lane & Co team xx

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